Garage Door Cable & Track Repair in Schaumburg, Naperville


The cables and tracks are the components responsible for keeping a garage door in alignment. The cable is held in place within the groove of a pulley and it runs in this groove to lift the garage door open. If the cable comes out of this groove, the door will be thrown out of alignment. This normally happens if the door is hit while in motion or if it suddenly falls shut. If the cable is disconnected, do not try to operate the door; it could cause it to hang and could damage your opener.
The tracks guide the rollers of the door as the door moves. They are composed of light metal which makes them subject to corrosion from exposure to road salt and they are easily dented if hit by a car. The tracks can also be clogged with debris and interrupt the movement of the door.

Keeping the tracks maintained is an important part of garage maintenance and any problems with the track should be addressed immediately to avoid further damage to garage door. The technicians at Access Garage Doors can repair malfunctions with the cables and tracks to keep your door aligned.  Call Access Garage Doors  if your door is out of alignment.