Garage Door Service & Repair in Schaumburg, Naperville & Chicago areas

Service Access Garage Door employs professionally trained technicians to handle repairs and installations of commercial and residential doors. It is always best to have a professional handle door repairs and installations given the dangerous nature of working on garage door systems.


Our technicians at Access Garage Door have received the proper training to install all types of residential and commercial garage doors at any location. We install garage doors from all major manufacturers at affordable prices and even offer guidance to help you decide on the best garage door for your home. While garage door installation is a relatively straightforward process, it involves several other components that could be potentially dangerous if mishandled such as stiffener alignment, lift motor placement, and spring alignment to name a few. Our technicians are properly trained to safely work on all garage door components to ensure that your garage door is installed safely.


Like other components of your home, garage doors are susceptible to accidents or wear and tear that may bring it to a state of disrepair. Some garage doors can be easily dented if hit or garage doors may fall unexpectedly and cause damage to the door and other components. Access Garage Door can repair or replace damaged garage doors or individual door panels depending on the extent of the damage. Do not try to operate your door if you notice a problem, call Access Garage Door to have our professionals address the problem.