When it comes to choosing a residential garage door, it is important to decide what material you would like the garage door to be. Doors of different materials vary in function, price, look, and maintenance and Access Garage Door has residential garage doors available in the following materials:

Steel Garage Doors:
Steel garage doors are the most common doors because they are dependable and maintenance free. These doors can also be painted any color to match your home’s exterior décor. The carriage of a steel door is lightweight and insulation can be added for better climate control. Steel doors are the least expensive residential doors but they scratch and dent easily.

Custom and Wood Garage Doors:
Wood garage doors are an aesthetically pleasing option that can enhance the look of any home. These doors can be painted or stained to better match your home and they function much quieter than steel garage doors. The price of wood garage doors varies depending on the type of wood, the size of the door, and the style of the wood panels of the door. Wood garage doors are customizable and can be made into any size or style out of cedar and mahogany among others. These doors do require maintenance such as cleaning and staining to prevent the door from rotting or warping.

Wood Composite Garage Doors:
Wood composite garage doors are doors that are made from composite materials to give the door the appearance of a wood door. These doors fall between the price ranges of steel doors and vinyl doors and they have several advantages over real wood doors. Wood composites require less maintenance than wood doors and do not succumb to the splitting, warping, or rotting that can happen with wood doors.

Vinyl Garage Doors:
Vinyl doors are the top of the line residential garage doors because they are of the highest quality and maintenance free. These doors are scratch and dent resistant, rust resistant, and well insulated to save on energy and provide excellent climate control.