Commercial garage doors are put through much more arduous use than residential doors, therefore, they should be much stronger and more durable. There are several different types of commercial doors available for a variety of uses in the workplace. Talk to an Access Garage Door professional for further assistance.

Aluminum Doors:
Aluminum garage doors feature aluminum panels and glass windows for increased light and visibility. These doors have a modern industrial style and the visibility of these doors makes them perfect for merging indoor and outdoor spaces. Aluminum garage doors work great as external doors or even internal partitions and are most commonly found in restaurants, fire stations, car dealerships, and some office buildings.

Sectional Doors:
Like residential doors, sectional commercial doors consist of several panels hinged together that are made from steel or aluminum. Steel sectional commercial doors come in multiple steel gauges with glazing and insulation options for more protection. These doors are used in a wide variety of commercial environments such as loading docks and warehouses among others.

Rolling Steel Doors:
These doors are made up of many small panels, or corrugations, that allow the door to roll up as it functions. Rolling steel doors are also stronger than sectionals because the corrugations can better withstand impacts. There are three main types of rolling steel doors; service doors, counter doors, and security grilles.

Service Doors:
These doors are rolling doors made up of slat profiles that can also be perforated for better airflow and visibility. Service doors are available in aluminum and stainless steel in gauges 18 through 24 and they can be painted to match the d├ęcor of the workplace.

Counter Doors:
Counter doors are rolling steel doors that are custom fitted for closing off small spaces and counter tops. These doors are common in concession stands, cafeterias, and pharmacies.

Security Grilles:
These doors consist entirely of perforated slats to allow visibility and airflow. Security grilles are available as overhead rolling openers or side-folding openers and are typically used in malls, schools, and garages.

Rolling Sheet Doors:
Rolling sheet doors are similar to rolling steel doors but with wide steel sheets as opposed to steel corrugations. The steel sheets are hemmed together with grooves in the hems that allow the door to be rolled up over a spring loaded shaft.