Garage doors at commercial sites are much more frequently used than residential garage doors so the equipment must be properly suited for the environment. Commercial garage door openers are stronger and much more durable than residential openers to endure the demanding conditions. In these high traffic environments, safety is also a concern.

Since August 29, 2010, commercial doors with a UL label must also be equipped with sensors that reverse the door if an object is detected in its path while closing. Commercial openers are available in four varieties to work with the different types of commercial garage doors. Access Garage Doors can guide you through the purchase and installation of a commercial opener.

Trolley Operators:
Trolley operators are motor-powered openers that hook to the door and pull it open by gliding along a rail. These openers work best for standard lift sectional doors and come in light, medium, and industrial duty.

Jackshaft Operators:
Jackshaft operators are composed of a gear and chain powered by a motor. The chain turns a gear that rolls up roller doors. These openers work best for rolling doors, rolling grilles, and shutters as well as high or vertical lift sectional doors. They can range from light-duty to heavy industrial-duty.

Hoist Operators:
These openers have a torque motor that powers a chain to lift, or hoist the door open. Hoist operators are used with rolling doors and grilles as well as sectional industrial doors with a high or vertical lift. These openers can be medium, industrial, and heavy industrial-duty.

Slide Operators:
Slide operators are basically heavy-duty trolley operators that are designed specifically for single and bi-parting slide doors and fire doors. These openers are available in industrial and heavy industrial-duty.