Access Garage Doors has featured a frequently asked questions page to act as a quick reference for the most common garage door malfunctions and issues. Refer to this page if there may be a problem with your garage door system and do not hesitate to call Access Garage Doors for more assistance.

Why does my garage door only partially open?
This could mean that a spring is broken or too worn out to function. If a spring is broken, the door becomes too heavy for the opener and it will shut off automatically once it senses the extra weight. The springs must be replaced before the garage door is safe to operate.

Why is my garage door opening off-center?
The door is held into alignment by the cable so the cable has either snapped or come out of its groove. Attempting to operate a door with a broken or misplaced cable could cause damage to the track or the door. The cable needs to be replaced and the door realigned before resuming regular use.

What is that grinding noise the garage door makes as it opens and closes?
Grinding noises are typically caused by broken or worn out rollers. Worn and broken rollers also prevent the door from gliding smoothly along the tracks. Replacing the rollers will decrease the noise level of the door and help it run more smoothly in the tracks.

Why does the garage door opener run without opening the door?
This is a sign that the drive gear within the opener is stripped. The motor powers the drive gear which is what pulls the assembly that lifts the door. If the gear is stripped, the motor will turn on but will not open the door. It is best to turn off or unplug the opener until it can be serviced to avoid overheating the motor.

Why won’t the opener recognize the remote?
This usually means that the remote needs new batteries or needs to be re-programmed to the opener. Power outages can cause garage door remotes to need reprogramming. If changing the batteries and re-programming the remote do not solve the issue, call Access Garage Doors for further assistance.

Why does the opener light blink without moving the garage door when I try to open the door?
This is a sign that there is an issue with the safety sensors. They are either detecting something between the tracks or are no longer in alignment. The sensors have lights that light up when they are properly aligned. If a sensor is not lit, realign it with the other sensor until the light comes back on.